I always wanted to be an artist. Then I went to business school because art wasn’t “practical”. And now...I’m an artist, a planner, and a businesswoman.

I’ve been in the creative industry for 7 years, and have been a creative for my whole life. I’m a Colorado Native with a deep love for storytelling, coffee dates, and people. In my free time I like to do calligraphy, get outside, and get into some serious board games with my awesome husband.


I got into the business of being a Virtual Assistant before I even knew what a Virtual Assistant was. What started out as a side project for a friend eventually turned into a list of clients with different design and administrative needs. It wasn't until about 3 years in that I found out what a Virtual Assistant was - and I was finally able to give myself a job title for the services I provide.

My business is one that has changed forms along with me in the process. As a result, I now have expertise in many areas of design and organization. At the core, what I love the most is helping people find more time in their day to do what they want to spend their time doing. Because of the creativity this requires, I prefer to refer to myself as a "Creative Assistant".

The most amazing part about stewarding this business has been the immense growth I have experienced. The principles of entrepreneurship apply to life in so many ways, and in being an entrepreneur I have also learned so much about true value in life.

All I have to say is that it is truly amazing what you can learn by simply creating.